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Blade Armouring

Blade Armouring

As a special service in the field of rotor-blade shears we refurbish used cutting blades.

Careful pre-heating and post-heating procedures as well as an automated welding process ensure a uniform and harmonized refinement of your blades.

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New Blades

New Blades

In addition to blade armouring, we are also engaged in the production of new blades (as reserve sets or to complete blade sets). We manufacture complete blade sets, as well as individual blades, for all types of rotor-blade shears.

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new Sieves

new sieves

The right sieve-size can make a big difference in the performance of a machine. Therefore, very short-term changes are required. We can produce most standard-sized sieves in a very short time. Even Special sieves, such as of wear-resistant steel, can be produced.

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Spare Parts

Spare Parts

All spare parts required are manufactured in our own production plant. Such parts include:

  • drive shafts
  • bearing units
  • strippers
  • distance bushings
  • sealing elements
  • tensioning elements

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